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My Dreams are Infected With the Words You Used to Say

Pink champagne wishes and glitter lipgloss kisses <3

23 October
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About the Girl

She is short and loves it, even if she is still shrinking.
She has the best friends in the world.
She is NOT emo.
She does, however, love emo music.
She loves to sing and even takes p r i v a t e lessons because she’s that much of a geek special.
She sings opera.
She is a soprano. A major one.
She also takes piano lessons.
Her life revolves around music and her friends.
She tries to be o r i g i n a l, but usually fails.
She doesn’t follow a specific trend, she wears what she likes.
She wishes she could cut her own hair.
She wants to learn to play guitar, but can’t find anyone to teach her.
She is a literary freak.
She needs people to live.
She is easily hurt, but good at hiding it.
Her moods are very hard to gauge unless you know her extremely well.
She loves animals and cries when she sees them in pain.
She can’t stand to see other people emotionally distressed or in pain of any form.
She is probably too sensitive for her own good.
She is prone to being a hypocrite when it comes to certain things. For example, she will tell you to eat when she barely eats anything herself.
She is not anorexic.
She is beautiful in her own way, even if not everyone sees it.
She is perfectly content with how she looks. Weight, facial features, everything.
She would die without human interaction.
She loves to write and hopes to make it her profession someday.
She is a hopeless romantic and reads cheesy romance novels, but shh, that’s a secret.
She is often confused, but she has the excuse of being blonde.
She is intelligent, she just doesn’t try.
She has her share of problems as does everyone else.
She is often quite blunt and voices her opinion, but does not push it on people.
She is often quite silly and immature, and hopes you won’t hold it against her.
She tends to obsess over bands and such to a point where she knows everything about all the members and has every single song memorized.
She has taken a year of Japanese and is entering her second.
She loves foreign languages.
She is perpetually curious.
She loves good grammar and spelling.
She can understand 1337 but hates to admit it.
She is an icon whore and has far too many.
She’s actually a geek. And proud of it.
She often finds stupid things funny.
She is easily pleased.
She loves to do stupid things like play in leaves and puddles.
She leaves little messages on the steamed up mirror for whoever is showering after her.
She leaves cute little notes in unexpected places for people to find.
She loves making people feel loved.
She loves her boys Taylor and Landon and Morgan.
She loves her girls Meagen and Mariah and Stephanie.
She fucked up a friendship and is working on making things go back to how they were.
She /will/ succeed, even if it kills her.
So far she's doing well.